Why Kaihara Strengthens Collaboration with Tencel Fabrics

Kaihara has collaborated with Lenzing for the “Kaihara x Tencel Denim Week” in Tok to showcase their latest denim and Tencel fabrics.

Kaihara, a Japanese denim specialist, partnered with Lenzing, a global manufacturer of wood-based specialty fibers like Tencel, for the “Kaihara x Tencel Denim Week” held in Tokyo from October 16 to 21, 2023, showcasing their latest collections with denim innovations. Having nurtured a partnership for three decades, Lenzing and Kaihara aim to further Kaihara’s international expansion with their latest products.

Since introducing Tencel fibers to the Japanese market in 1994, Kaihara has integrated these fibers into their commercial collections. This collaboration has seen Kaihara transcend traditional boundaries in denim fabric manufacturing, emphasizing innovative designs, authentic aesthetics, and functionality.

Within this collaboration, Lenzing and Kaihara unveiled a curated capsule collection of seven new denim fabrics. These fabrics were finished in Tokyo by Jeanologia. They highlight the possibilities of utilizing Tencel brand lyocell and modal fibers in denim applications.

Elevating Sustainability and Innovation

This partnership represents the next chapter in the venture between Lenzing and Kaihara, aiming to develop new fabrics with Tencel fibers that meet the demands of brand partners and consumers worldwide, ultimately elevating their success. Dennis Hui, Global Business Development Manager for Denim at Lenzing, remarked, “Kaihara is a long-standing partner in denim fabric innovation. The use of plant-based and biodegradable materials like Tencel brand fibers in denim fabrics allows manufacturers like Kaihara to explore new application areas.”

Hirofumi Inagaki, Executive Officer and General Manager of the Sales Department at Kaihara, emphasized the global consumer demand for high-quality and sustainable fashion. As they expand internationally, their partnership with Lenzing is essential for furthering their commitment to responsible practices. They have integrated water-saving Tencel modal fibers with Indigo Color technology. These denim fabrics are free from cotton and with reduced cotton content. In addition, they make use of Tencel fibers known for their sustainability and performance.

Expanding Horizons and Sustainability
with Tencel Fabrics

Inagaki highlighted how the collaboration with Lenzing caters to different preferences and requirements. This includes both in the Japanese domestic market and abroad. Denim fabrics made with Tencel brand fibers enable versatile designs with an authentic appearance and comfortable textures. They satisf the needs of international brands and consumers seeking variety in look and function.

The objectives align with producers and brands in their use of wood-based materials to meet sustainability goals. A recent addition to the array of Tencel fiber developments is a matte version made of special minerals. This innovation eliminates the bright surface effects of the fabric. It also maintains a low environmental impact, offering more versatility for the jeanswear segment.

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