Revitalizing Riverdale with a New Viscose Fabric Plant

The Riverdale project aims to transform the former viscose fabric plant into a vibrant multifunctional space. Developer Ed Walker’s ambitious Riverdale project in Roanoke commenced with the removal and recycling of over 2 million pounds of debris, symbolizing 30 weeks of continuous progress. This redevelopment endeavor, situated on the former American Viscose Plant site spanning […]

Viscose Fabric: A Call to Action for the Fashion Industry

Clothing companies need to prioritize sustainable viscose fabric production to avoid deforestation and educate consumers about clothing composition. In the world of fashion, it’s not just about what you wear but also about the materials that compose your clothing. Many people can readily identify cotton as a fabric derived from cotton plants and wool as […]

Revolutionizing Sustainable Fashion with Viscose Fabric

Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) is a leader in sustainable fashion, offering responsibly sourced, biodegradable viscose fabric that revitalizes traditional Indian styles with vibrant hues while upholding ethical forest sourcing standards. Asia Pacific Rayon is at the forefront of sustainable fashion, with its responsibly sourced viscose fabric setting new standards for eco-conscious apparel. This biodegradable and […]

Advance Denim Elevates Sustainability with Viscose Fabric

Advance Denim, Yibin Grace, and Circulose have joined forces to introduce a cutting-edge denim collection featuring Gracell x Circulose viscose fabric. In a significant stride towards promoting textile circularity within the denim industry, denim manufacturer Advance Denim, Chinese manufacturer Yibin Grace, and Circulose have joined hands to introduce a cutting-edge denim collection featuring Gracell x […]

Lenzing Expands its Viscose Production and Advances Refibra

The Lenzing Group strenghtens its leadership in specialty fibers and emissions reduction by expanding Refibra technology to its viscose fibers. The Lenzing Group is strengthening its foothold in specialty fibers and emissions reduction through two transformative initiatives. In a strategic move to reduce post-consumer textile waste, it has expanded its Refibra technology to integrate with […]