Unveiling the Complex Tapestry of Viscose Rayon

Certain manufacturers, including Spinnova, Infinited Fiber Company, and Lenzing with Tencel, are leading the way in responsible production through best practices in viscose rayon management and closed-loop processes. Rayon, a versatile fabric often synonymous with confusion due to its various names like viscose, modal, lyocell, tencel, acetate, or bamboo, possesses a unique texture—denser and more […]

Revitalizing Riverdale with a New Viscose Fabric Plant

The Riverdale project aims to transform the former viscose fabric plant into a vibrant multifunctional space. Developer Ed Walker’s ambitious Riverdale project in Roanoke commenced with the removal and recycling of over 2 million pounds of debris, symbolizing 30 weeks of continuous progress. This redevelopment endeavor, situated on the former American Viscose Plant site spanning […]