Tencel Fabric Collaborates on Innovative Footwear and Real-Time Supply Chain Tracking

Lenzing, a prominent Austrian producer of wood-based specialty fibers such as Tencel fabric, has announced two sustainability-focused collaborations to improve global supply chain transparency. Lenzing, the Austrian producer renowned for its wood-based specialty fibers, has recently unveiled two significant collaborations, both firmly aligned with its sustainability objectives. One of these collaborations aims to enhance the […]

H&M Faces Allegations of Greenwashing in the US Over Sustainable Material Claims

H&M faces allegations of greenwashing in the US over claims of using sustainable materials in its “Conscious Choice” collection. H&M, the global fashion retailer, is under fire in the United States due to a proposed class action lawsuit that accuses the company of greenwashing through its marketing of the “Conscious Choice” range as a collection […]