Turning the Sustainable Material Spotlight on Rattan

Rattan as a sustainable material has been a staple in interior design, particularly during the 1970s, and its warm and natural appeal continues to captivate homeowners and designers alike. Rattan’s Unique Characteristics as a Sustainable Material While resembling bamboo, rattan distinguishes itself with enhanced pliancy, making it an ideal choice for furniture and framing due […]

Circularity and Sustainability Reign as Top Topics at TENCEL™ Day

On December 8th, Lenzing spearheaded Hong Kong TENCEL™ Day, dedicated to emphasizing responsible practices and supply chain traceability. On December 8, Lenzing hosted the Hong Kong TENCEL™ Day, proudly centered around the theme of “Advancing Circularity.” This event aimed to underscore the significance of prioritizing responsible practices and ensuring supply chain traceability. It has a […]

How Green Sourcing Hub Is Revolutionizing Sustainable Material Procurement

TBM Co., Ltd. introduces the beta version of the Green Sourcing Hub, a groundbreaking digital platform that will transform global sustainable material procurement. Tokyo-based TBM Co., Ltd. is thrilled to unveil the beta version of the Green Sourcing Hub, a revolutionary digital platform poised to revolutionize sustainable material procurement. Centered around resin, fiber, and sheet […]