Tencel Fibers: A Sustainable Sensation Redefining Modal Fabrics

Tencel fibers, notably modal fabrics, have become a sustainable sensation, capturing attention for their exceptional softness and eco-friendly practices in the dynamic landscape of fashion and home textiles. In the dynamic realm of sustainable fashion, Tencel fibers have taken center stage, gracing wardrobes and living spaces alike with an undeniable allure. Amidst the sea of […]

Modal Fabric: Is It Sustainable, or Are We Being Greenwashed?

In the spectrum of innovative materials, is modal fabric environmentally superior, and what role does it play in sustainable fashion? Sustainable fashion places a significant emphasis on organic and semi-synthetic fabrics, with modal fabric emerging as a noteworthy contender in the quest for eco-friendly textiles. In the realm of innovative materials, where synthetic and plastic-based […]

Crann Organic Prioritizes Sustainable Kidswear with Modal Fabric

Crann Organic utilizes GOTS-certified organic cotton, closed-loop TENCEL™ Lyocell, and sustainably sourced TENCEL™ modal fabric for eco-conscious clothing materials. Children’s clothing has a reputation for its high turnover rate, but that doesn’t mean that your little ones can’t sport an eco-friendly wardrobe. In fact, sustainable kids’ clothing can make a significant positive impact on the […]

Lenzing Fiber Identification System Guarantees Traceability Of Lenzing Modal Fabric

Lenzing is advancing eco-friendly production processes for its protective wear, including its carbon-neutral FR modal fabric fibers. Lenzing Group, a leading global producer of wood-based specialty fibers, is meeting the rising demand for transparency and traceability in protective wear with the innovative Lenzing Fiber Identification System for Lenzing FR (flame-resistant) cellulosic fibers. This system, capable […]

How Sustainable is Modal Fabric?

It’s important to consider where modal fabric stands in terms of eco-friendliness. Is it truly a more sustainable choice? In the ever-evolving world of textiles, scientists have unveiled a captivating array of fabrics, each with its distinct characteristics. Some, like fleece and polyester, are firmly rooted in the synthetic and plastic-based realm, while others, such […]

Baleaf Promotes Eco-Friendly Practices with Modal Fabrics

Baleaf, a contemporary activewear brand, is committing to environmental sustainability and has unveiled a comprehensive sustainability plan that encompasses all aspects of its operations in line with its eco-conscious mission to use modal fabrics. Baleaf, a contemporary activewear brand, is making a resolute commitment to environmental sustainability. Recently, Baleaf unveiled a comprehensive sustainability plan on […]

Textile Industry Urged to Implement Air Quality for Sustainable Viscose Production

The Indonesian Ministry of Industry is urging the textile sector to employ air quality monitoring devices to cut harmful gas emissions, especially sulfur dioxide (SOx), in the production of semi-synthetic viscose and rayon fabrics from wood pulp. The Indonesian Ministry of Industry has issued a strong call to action to the textile industry. It has […]

Cotton Fabric vs. Modal Fabric: Which is the Best for Men’s Underwear?

The decision between cotton and modal fabric for your men’s underwear hinges on your individual preferences and priorities, be it centered around comfort, breathability, durability, or sustainability. Cotton Fabric Cotton, a time-tested organic fabric with roots dating back to 5000 BC, is derived from cotton plants and transformed into versatile yarn. From underwear and t-shirts […]

Birla Cellulose Reveals Cutting-Edge Innovations in Bamboo Modal Fabric

Birla Cellulose pioneers sustainable fashion with Birla EcoSoft, featuring bamboo modal fabric, transforming fashion while prioritizing environmental consciousness. Birla Cellulose, a leading player in the pulp and fiber industry within the Aditya Birla Group, is once again at the forefront of sustainable fashion. Their latest breakthrough, Birla EcoSoft, introduces bamboo viscose fiber to redefine the […]

Baleaf’s Sustainable Revolution in Modal Fabric Sportswear: Leading the Eco-Friendly Charge

Baleaf, a Chinese sportswear brand, is at the forefront of sustainability in the fashion industry, introducing eco-friendly modal fabric and an ambitious goal to achieve 100% environmentally friendly products by 2035. Baleaf, a prominent Chinese sportswear brand, is making significant strides in the fashion industry by introducing a cutting-edge sustainable material: modal fabric crafted from […]