Rice University-Led Team Awards $4.1 Million Grant to Advance Sustainable Materials

Rice University-led global scientists secure a $4.1 million grant to advance carbon nanotube synthesis, paving the way for sustainable materials in the green energy transition. A global team of scientists, spearheaded by Rice University‘s Matteo Pasquali, has secured a $4.1 million grant to enhance carbon nanotube (CNT) synthesis, offering a promising avenue for sustainable materials […]

How Green Sourcing Hub Is Revolutionizing Sustainable Material Procurement

TBM Co., Ltd. introduces the beta version of the Green Sourcing Hub, a groundbreaking digital platform that will transform global sustainable material procurement. Tokyo-based TBM Co., Ltd. is thrilled to unveil the beta version of the Green Sourcing Hub, a revolutionary digital platform poised to revolutionize sustainable material procurement. Centered around resin, fiber, and sheet […]