Unveiling the Truth About Viscose Fabric: Properties and Sustainability

Viscose fabric has become a staple in the textile industry due to its affordability, softness, and versatility. In this exploration, we delve into the properties of this artificial silk, shedding light on its environmental impact and the importance of making sustainable choices in the world of fashion. Viscose Fabric Overview Viscose is a semi-synthetic material […]

Turning the Sustainable Material Spotlight on Rattan

Rattan as a sustainable material has been a staple in interior design, particularly during the 1970s, and its warm and natural appeal continues to captivate homeowners and designers alike. Rattan’s Unique Characteristics as a Sustainable Material While resembling bamboo, rattan distinguishes itself with enhanced pliancy, making it an ideal choice for furniture and framing due […]

Circularity and Sustainability Reign as Top Topics at TENCEL™ Day

On December 8th, Lenzing spearheaded Hong Kong TENCEL™ Day, dedicated to emphasizing responsible practices and supply chain traceability. On December 8, Lenzing hosted the Hong Kong TENCEL™ Day, proudly centered around the theme of “Advancing Circularity.” This event aimed to underscore the significance of prioritizing responsible practices and ensuring supply chain traceability. It has a […]

Artistic Milliners and Lenzing Launch New Tencel Fiber for Authentic and Comfortable Denim

Artistic Milliners and Lenzing have launched an innovative solution catering to consumers’ dual desires in denim—blending comfort with authenticity for its new Tencel fiber. Artistic Milliners and Lenzing, longstanding partners in the textile industry, have unveiled a groundbreaking solution to address the dual desires of consumers when it comes to denim—comfort and authenticity. Their collaborative […]

Revitalizing Riverdale with a New Viscose Fabric Plant

The Riverdale project aims to transform the former viscose fabric plant into a vibrant multifunctional space. Developer Ed Walker’s ambitious Riverdale project in Roanoke commenced with the removal and recycling of over 2 million pounds of debris, symbolizing 30 weeks of continuous progress. This redevelopment endeavor, situated on the former American Viscose Plant site spanning […]

Viscose Fabric: A Call to Action for the Fashion Industry

Clothing companies need to prioritize sustainable viscose fabric production to avoid deforestation and educate consumers about clothing composition. In the world of fashion, it’s not just about what you wear but also about the materials that compose your clothing. Many people can readily identify cotton as a fabric derived from cotton plants and wool as […]

How the Fashion Industry is Bridging the Gap with Sustainable Materials

A BCG report urges fashion brands to prepare for stricter sustainability regulations, offering a £100 million opportunity for those reducing virgin material use in favor of sustainable materials. Fashion brands should prepare for upcoming stricter sustainability regulations and the growing demand for eco-friendly materials. There’s a potential £100 million opportunity for those reducing the use […]

Why Kaihara Strengthens Collaboration with Tencel Fabrics

Kaihara has collaborated with Lenzing for the “Kaihara x Tencel Denim Week” in Tok to showcase their latest denim and Tencel fabrics. Kaihara, a Japanese denim specialist, partnered with Lenzing, a global manufacturer of wood-based specialty fibers like Tencel, for the “Kaihara x Tencel Denim Week” held in Tokyo from October 16 to 21, 2023, […]

Advance Denim Elevates Sustainability with Viscose Fabric

Advance Denim, Yibin Grace, and Circulose have joined forces to introduce a cutting-edge denim collection featuring Gracell x Circulose viscose fabric. In a significant stride towards promoting textile circularity within the denim industry, denim manufacturer Advance Denim, Chinese manufacturer Yibin Grace, and Circulose have joined hands to introduce a cutting-edge denim collection featuring Gracell x […]

Lenzing To Increase Production Of Responsible Viscose Fabric In Asia-Pacific

Lenzing Group is increasing its production of eco-friendly viscose fabric in the Asia-Pacific region. Lenzing Group is set to ramp up its production of responsible viscose fibers for its textile brands. Specifically, LENZING™ ECOVERO™ and nonwoven VEOCEL™, in the Asia-Pacific region. These EU Ecolabel-certified viscose fibers are manufactured at Lenzing’s Purwakarta facility in Indonesia. Undergoing […]