Fashion for a Sustainable Future Includes Tencel Fabric

The rise of eco-friendly fashion emphasizes sustainable materials like Tencel fabrics, transparency, and circular fashion. The fast fashion phenomenon has ushered in an era of lightning-speed production and disposal of clothing, resulting in a staggering amount of textile waste. This article explores the rise of eco-friendly fashion as a response to the environmental and ethical […]

Textile Industry Urged to Implement Air Quality for Sustainable Viscose Production

The Indonesian Ministry of Industry is urging the textile sector to employ air quality monitoring devices to cut harmful gas emissions, especially sulfur dioxide (SOx), in the production of semi-synthetic viscose and rayon fabrics from wood pulp. The Indonesian Ministry of Industry has issued a strong call to action to the textile industry. It has […]

Swiss Military Fashion Brand Edges into Sustainable Men’s Clothing with Modal Fabric

The brand’s latest collection of garments is thoughtfully crafted using micromodal and bamboo cotton and modal fabric. Swiss Military is embarking on an exciting and pioneering path toward sustainability. Renowned for its steadfast dedication to excellence and cutting-edge ideas, the brand is now unveiling a fresh line of environmentally conscious apparel. This collection beautifully harmonizes […]

Pioneering Sustainable Materials: Origin Materials Forges Anew with Revolutionary PET Bottle Caps

Origin Materials achieves a paradigm-shifting breakthrough by ingeniously crafting PET bottle caps from diverse sustainable materials, revolutionizing recycling and circularity. In an epoch marked by heightened reverence for sustainability, Origin Materials has deftly navigated the intricate tapestry of material innovation, unveiling a remarkable breakthrough that reverberates through the annals of recycling and circularity. At the […]

New Centre to Drive Sustainable Materials for a Green Future

Imperial College London’s Rio Tinto Centre for Future Materials, in collaboration with Rio Tinto and other institutions, aims to revolutionize mineral extraction for sustainable materials, supporting the global shift to renewable energy and addressing the critical demand for materials essential for decarbonization. Imperial College London has established a groundbreaking $150 million research center, the Rio […]

TENCEL Takes Center Stage as Clothiers Capitalize on “Cooling” Fabrics Amid Global Temperature Surge

Apparel retailers leverage TENCEL and high-tech fibers for cooling fabrics amid rising global temperatures and recovering from sales declines. Apparel retailers like Macy’s and Columbia Sportswear are seizing the opportunity to expand their offerings of “breathable” and “cooling” fabrics, with TENCEL taking center stage, as soaring global temperatures fuel a demand for clothing that can […]