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With an engineer background in textiles, passion for innovative products, and a heart to be organic and sustainable for the planet, Katsuhiko Kawasaki has been building his dream company since 1988. Katsu New York specializes in apparel and interior textiles, the company’s culture is ‘SynZenBe’ creating beautiful textiles while preserving our planets aura.


Suga graduated from Parsons with a degree in textile design, but after having children, she placed her dreams on hold. In her thirteen-year hiatus she never forgot her love for textiles. As Mission Manager at Katsu New York, she project manages Japan Virtual Pavilion, an online showroom that connects lux Japanese fabric suppliers to designers globally.


Born and raised in Germany, Ute Hinrichs has more than 30 years of experience in the textile business. She currently works as an export manager for European companies, representing the finest mills and bringing the best fabrics to customers who work to develop new ideas and innovative concepts. Ute is a Le Souk sourcing associate for Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.