Tencel Fabric Collaborates on Innovative Footwear and Real-Time Supply Chain Tracking

Lenzing, a prominent Austrian producer of wood-based specialty fibers such as Tencel fabric, has announced two sustainability-focused collaborations to improve global supply chain transparency.

Lenzing, the Austrian producer renowned for its wood-based specialty fibers, has recently unveiled two significant collaborations, both firmly aligned with its sustainability objectives. One of these collaborations aims to enhance the transparency and efficiency of the global supply chain. The other showcases an innovative footwear line crafted from Lenzing’s eco-friendly Tencel fabric.

Lenzing adjusted its 2023 financial outlook due to what it describes as “weak” market conditions. The first initiative, focused on boosting transparency, involves a partnership with the supply chain solution company project44, with the goal of revolutionizing the transparency and efficiency of the global fiber supply chain. Central to this collaboration is a groundbreaking real-time ocean shipment tracker that also enhances visibility regarding carbon emissions among partners—an industry milestone.

Revolutionizing Sustainability Through Real-Time Data

The heart of this collaboration is a fully integrated application programming interface (API) connecting Systems Applications and Products (SAP) with the project44 platform, Movement. This integration harnesses AI, GPS sensors, and machine learning technologies to provide Lenzing’s customers with precise real-time insights into fiber orders. This includes information on shipment status, container locations, vessel route tracking, and estimated arrival times at ports around the world.

This newfound data empowers value chain partners to access Scope 3 carbon emission data at shipment and container levels. Such real-time data enables Lenzing and its customers to establish maximum allowable carbon emission targets and work collectively towards achieving them. The tracker will be accessible to all Lenzing customers starting this month. It marks a significant step forward in sustainability and transparency in the textile industry.

Also, Lenzing has teamed up with Coats Footwear to leverage the company’s innovative ProWeave technology. It has incorporated Tencel into the design of novel shoe uppers and fabrics. These environmentally conscious sneakers will debut at the Lineapelle trade show in Milan, scheduled for September 19th-21st.

Eco-Friendly Innovation in Footwear with Tencel fabric

ProWeave jacquard technology is adaptable to various fibers and yarns. The Milan launch will feature the prototype of Circle Sportswear’s “SuperNatural Runner”. This is praised as the first synthetic-free performance footwear crafted from Tencel and other bio-based materials. This amalgamation of technologies provides these shoes with an adaptive fit that mimics a second skin.

Lenzing holds the distinction of being the first raw material supplier to collaborate with Coats on ProWeave. In addition, Lenzing is exploring the utilization of Tencel branded lyocell and modal fibers in footwear uppers and fabrics. These fibers originate from controlled and certified forests and carry certification from the Vegan Society. Many have praised Tencel Lyocell filament for its softness, vibrant color, and eco-friendliness.

Paul Jackson, ProWeave business unit leader at Coats Footwear, praised the collaboration with Lenzing as “a natural partnership. He emphasized the shared commitment to reducing the environmental impact of textile and footwear production processes. Together, they are poised to revolutionize the way shoe uppers and materials are crafted.


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