Lenzing Revolutionizes Circularity with Viscose Fabric Standards

This solution empowers partners to collaborate with Lenzing, accelerating the transition to a circular textile economy.

Lenzing Group recently unveiled Lenzing Ecovero with Refibra technology at the Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics trade fair in Shanghai this week.

This innovation builds on the success of Tencel Lyocell fibers with Refibra technology, marking a significant advancement for the company. The incorporation of Refibra technology into Lenzing Ecovero represents a major step forward in their efforts to increase the use of post-consumer content in their products.

This underscores their commitment to advancing the circular economy within the textile and fashion industries, with a particular focus on sustainable options for viscose fabric. Such tailored solutions aim to make sustainable choices more accessible to consumers and the industry alike

Lenzing’s Commitment to Sustainable Textiles and Viscose Fabric

Florian Heubrandner, Executive Vice President Global Textiles Business at Lenzing, highlights the company’s commitment to addressing climate change through industry collaboration. Additionally, he fosters collective efforts and drives systemic change toward a circular economy.

He elaborated that Lenzing Ecovero with Refibra technology actively positions itself to meet the growing demand for diverse circular design innovations, especially in the realm of viscose fabric. This empowers fabric mills, garment manufacturers, and consumer brands who share their vision to join in a transformative journey. Furthermore, it rejuvenates post-consumer textile waste and firmly establishes circularity as the central principle in the textile value chain.

Pioneering Sustainable Viscose Fabric for a Circular Future

Thanks to Lenzing’s efforts, Lenzing Ecovero with Refibra technology is now available worldwide. This innovative viscose fiber incorporates up to 20% post-consumer textile waste, making it a sustainable choice for viscose fabric. The waste is carefully collected and sorted through collaboration with industry leaders in textile recycling.

Lenzing is committed to circularity in textiles as part of its Better Growth strategy. Lenzing Ecovero with Refibra technology plays a key role in achieving this goal, meeting industry standards and consumer preferences.

Furthermore, this new fiber is traceable throughout the supply chain and ensures transparency in the production of eco-conscious viscose fabric. This empowers brands and retailers to offer genuine, eco-friendly products, enabling consumers to make informed and responsible choices.

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