Lenzing Fiber Identification System Guarantees Traceability Of Lenzing Modal Fabric

Lenzing is advancing eco-friendly production processes for its protective wear, including its carbon-neutral FR modal fabric fibers.

Lenzing Group, a leading global producer of wood-based specialty fibers, is meeting the rising demand for transparency and traceability in protective wear with the innovative Lenzing Fiber Identification System for Lenzing FR (flame-resistant) cellulosic fibers. This system, capable of tracking Lenzing FR fibers throughout production, offers unmatched traceability, quality assurance, and reliability in protective clothing.

FR Fibers to Meet Industry Sustainability Demands

Lenzing is furthering its commitment to reducing carbon emissions by ensuring Lenzing FR protective wear made from modal-based fibers sets a new benchmark for eco-friendly production processes. They also offer carbon-neutral Lenzing FR fibers, certified by ClimatePartner, to address the increasing sustainability requirements in the industry.

The increasing need for supply chain transparency in the industry highlights the vital role played by technology. Lenzing’s Fiber Identification System authenticates Lenzing FR fibers used in protective wear. It enables material traceability and supply chain transparency becoming increasingly fundamental in both public and private procurement processes.

Ensuring Quality, Sustainability, and Carbon Neutrality in LENZING™ Modal Fabric

The Lenzing Fiber Identification System enhances confidence in the supply chain by enabling the identification of Lenzing FR fibers at every stage of production, ensuring quality control and authenticity. This system provides value chain partners with the assurance that it utilizes genuine, premium Lenzing fibers, thereby enhancing their trust in the supply chain.

Lenzing’s FR fibers are sourced from renewable wood in Austria and Central Europe. They comply with strict guidelines regarding the responsible sourcing of raw materials. These fibers are available with FSC or PEFC certification upon request. They’ve also been granted BioPreferred designation by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Lenzing’s commitment to environmental responsibility is evident through their fully integrated production process for Lenzing FR fibers. They employ over 83% renewable energy, resulting in an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to generic modal fibers. Lenzing offers carbon-neutral FR fibers, certified by ClimatePartner. This makes it suitable for partners who want to reduce carbon emissions without compromising protection.

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