Lenzing Expands its Viscose Production and Advances Refibra

The Lenzing Group strenghtens its leadership in specialty fibers and emissions reduction by expanding Refibra technology to its viscose fibers.

The Lenzing Group is strengthening its foothold in specialty fibers and emissions reduction through two transformative initiatives. In a strategic move to reduce post-consumer textile waste, it has expanded its Refibra technology to integrate with Lenzing Ecovero viscose fibers. In addition to constructing a new production facility in Indonesia, injecting 100 million euros over a two-year period to curtail emissions.

Revitalizing Purwakarta: A Sustainable Hub for Specialty Viscose

Furthermore, this makeover has revitalized a facility in Purwakarta, Indonesia, positioning it as a prominent supplier of specialty viscose fibers to meet the surging global demand for such materials while making substantial strides in emissions reduction. The expansion of Refibra technology to Ecovero viscose fibers was unveiled at the Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Textile Fair and Trade Show. Lenzing’s overarching ambition is to propel the industry closer to the ideals of a circular textile economy, and build on the accomplishments of their Tencel Lyocell fibers.

Ecovero and Refibra currently incorporate up to 20% recycled raw materials. These are derived from post-consumer waste, with plans to augment this proportion. Lenzing sources these materials from cellulose-rich substances or polyester-cotton blends processed by industry-leading recycling experts. These eco-friendly products enjoy global availability, ensuring full traceability and transparency throughout the value chain.

Championing Circular Economy: Florian Heubrandner’s Vision

Lenzing’s Executive Vice President of Global Textiles emphasized how these endeavors align with its goals to embrace a circular economy. He aunderscored the empowerment of fabric mills, garment manufacturers, and consumer brands in embarking on a transformative journey toward sustainability. These initiatives breathe fresh life into post-consumer textile waste and firmly anchor circularity within the textile value chain.

Lenzing has set its sights on earning the EU Ecolabel for products emanating from the reimagined Purwakarta facility. The company already encompasses Ecovero for woven textiles and Veocel for non-woven applications.

Futhermore, these recent initiatives serve as proof of Lenzing’s dedication to environmental stewardship, highlighted by its EcoVadis CSR rating. As a result, this places it among the top 1% of reviewed companies. Lauded for its excellence in environmental practices, i’s committed to fair working conditions, upholding human rights, and sustainable procurement.

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