How Green Sourcing Hub Is Revolutionizing Sustainable Material Procurement

TBM Co., Ltd. introduces the beta version of the Green Sourcing Hub, a groundbreaking digital platform that will transform global sustainable material procurement.

Tokyo-based TBM Co., Ltd. is thrilled to unveil the beta version of the Green Sourcing Hub, a revolutionary digital platform poised to revolutionize sustainable material procurement. Centered around resin, fiber, and sheet materials, this innovative platform serves as a nexus connecting Japanese suppliers. It boasts a vast global network of environmentally-conscious buyers.

Future of Sustainable Material

As the world pivots towards eco-friendly practices, the demand for sustainable materials has experienced an unprecedented surge. Presently, almost 90% of Gen X consumers are willing to allocate an additional 10% or more for sustainable products, marking a substantial increase from just over 34% in 2020. Projections for the global sustainable plastics market forecast a robust CAGR of 13.3% from 2020, culminating in a staggering US$828.8 billion valuation by 2030. It’s evident that the green movement transcends being a mere trend and represents a fundamental shift in consumer behavior.

Introducing Green Sourcing Hub

The Green Sourcing Hub is a response to the escalating demand for sustainable materials. It offers a streamlined digital platform that simplifies the procurement process. Its key features include:

Extended Features for Buyers and Suppliers

Whether an expert or a novice in the sustainability journey, the Green Sourcing Hub facilitates the sourcing of materials effortlessly. Buyers can initiate contact with sellers immediately upon registration. Establishing a digital storefront on the Green Sourcing Hub is a straightforward process. With a continually expanding global reach, the platform ensures a brand’s visibility in the world’s largest green markets.

Streamlined Customer Interactions

Centralizing customer interactions empowers users to manage and scale their business efficiently. By centralizing essentials, the platform provides sales representatives with invaluable time to engage and cultivate deeper relationships with potential buyers. Swiftly pinpoint materials based on sustainability benchmarks such as low-carbon footprints, recyclability, and biodegradability with the available filters.

Platform Developed by Sustainable Material Manufacturer

TBM Co., Ltd., a unicorn company with a focus on sustainable materials, including the advanced limestone-based LIMEX, spearheads the development of the Green Sourcing Hub. TBM is a Japanese startup recognized at international events like COP, G20, and G7. It’s also a proud member of the World Economic Forum Unicorn Community. It acknowledges the imperative need for a digital presence to propel the Japanese material industry’s growth in the global market. The Green Sourcing Hub serves as a pivotal link between Japanese suppliers and overseas buyers. It marks a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainability.”

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