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The Only Trade Show Follow Up Tool You’ll Ever Need

Vanessa Zdesar
With trade show season fast-approaching, we know what you are undoubtedly dreading most -- transporting all your hangers between shows and back home. Rather than carry hangers from booth to booth, from one city to the next, you can set up online collections that qualified buyers can then search through, sample and source 365 days of the calendar year. With a showroom on Le Souk, you instantly give over 17,000 global buyers access to your materials, regardless of whether or not it is trade show season.
The Only Trade Show Follow Up Tool You’ll Ever Need

This July alone, over 300 suppliers will attend Premiere Vision New York. Each supplier will undoubtedly carry 200-300 fabric hangers which will then be carried back home or to other shows. In aggregate, that means over 90,000 fabric hangers will descend upon New York (and 300,000 in Paris this September). And buyers won’t be able to keep any of them.

How can suppliers provide a better answer to the inevitable requests - “Can we keep these hangers?” “How long will it take to get samples?” “Can we cut a scrap from this hanger?”

And with hundreds of materials at your disposal, which do you choose to showcase, and which do you opt to exclude this time around?

Come show time, buyers will inevitably ask you if they can keep a hanger, or how long it will take to get samples. And you'll have to politely decline, as you need the hangers for your next exhibit.

Yet declining their request, or not providing a clear timeline on which they will receive samples, can have unintended consequences. That’s because when deciding where to source, the second most important factor is speed of access to samples. So not getting samples to buyers in a timely fashion can certainly lead to missed sales opportunities.

At Le Souk, we’re using the latest technologies to make trade show follow-up as seamless as possible, and allow you to capture as many sales opportunities as possible.

By bringing trade show collections onto suppliers’ online showrooms, suppliers can share materials with buyers in real time. So while your buyers may not be able to take a hanger home, they will return to see your company’s name and complete material details in their inbox.  

Upon receiving that email notification, they can also order a swatch that will ship from Le Souk’s New York-based swatch warehouse.

By coupling a powerful online showroom with centralized global swatch distribution, Le Souk provides the only trade show follow-up tool you’ll ever need. 

The process of getting your trade show collections online is simple, and the rewards are numerous.

Rather than spend more money to produce a visually appealing website and hire a photographer, our team does the work for you. We hold bimonthly photoshoots, ensuring the timely transfer of information from offline to online. This means the longest a supplier will have to wait is 9 business days for their materials to be shot.

Once collections are uploaded to your showroom page, your reach is instantly expanded and your materials appear in online searches done by over 17,000 active, qualified buyers using Le Souk around the world.

Furthermore, the Le Souk iPad app becomes a true reflection of your trade show booth, making streamlined online follow-up as simple as search, click and share.

To get your complete trade show collections online, and therefore benefit from the complete power of the Le Souk iPad app, follow these three steps.

1.     Schedule a call with your account manager here

2.     Send us your trade show collections 30 days before your trade show appearance

3.     Let Le Souk market you to both our network of buyers and your existing buyers with your physical booth number and a link to your online showroom 

Come showtime, you'll have established connections with buyers around the world, allowing you to better utilize your time in getting them the materials they truly need. And follow-up will be a breeze.



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Vanessa Zdesar
Contributor at Le Souk

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