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Source4Style Becomes Le Souk

We've changed our name but our mission remains the same - to connect the world's finest mills & tanneries directly to the industry's leading creatives. More on our latest brand evolution.
Source4Style Becomes  Le Souk

Source4Style is now Le Souk.

Since the idea of Source4Style was born, our platform has gone through myriad changes. We have grown from a platform for 15 artisan suppliers to a global marketplace connecting hundreds of the world's leading mills and tanneries to thousands of qualified buyers. 

Our technologies have evolved to provide buyers with the most sophisticated global drop-ship ordering tools. 

And our small staff has grown to an international team of leading technologists, marketers, data mavens and writers - all working to make global sourcing possible any time and anywhere.

As we enter the new chapter of our platform, we decided to change our brand to reflect the significant strides we have made as a global sourcing platform, namely:

Growing Beyond Fashion Textiles
Our platform has expanded well beyond fashion textiles to include the industry's finest leather tanneries and interiors textile suppliers. As we grow to include the likes of Italy's Mario Cavelli, Scotland's MYB Textiles and a range of fine interior textile suppliers, we changed our brand to reflect the sourcing of all quality materials - rather than strictly fashion materials.

Becoming A Truly Global Marketplace
Our team of sourcing associates is onboarding the finest suppliers from over 38 countries. From Japan to Peru, we've sought and found the finest alpaca wool, satin cupros and silk jacquards. As we expand our global reach every day, we wanted our name to embody our worldwide presence.

Establishing Ourselves as the Industry Source For Material Inspiration
Through our curation and storytelling, we're bringing the world's finest material inspiration to your desktop. In the same way that the "souks" for centuries have brought together the most inspiring vendors and wares, so too is Le Souk redefining what it means for buyers to have uninterrupted access to the globe's finest sources of tactile creativity & inspiration.

Welcome to Le Souk. We look forward to bringing the world to you.

Meet The Author

Contributor at Le Souk
Benita is the Founder & CEO of Source4Style.

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