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Piña Couture: Pineapple Fiber Makes Fabric In The Philippines

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As couture bites into fruit as a source of natural fiber, the amount of piña used in textiles is steadily growing across North America. Piña importer Ecossar, is just one textile firm working directly with local artisans in The Philippines, to spread piña's reach. More designers need to experience the luxury of this fruit-based thread, completely derived from pineapple leaves.
Piña Couture: Pineapple Fiber Makes Fabric In The Philippines

Piña: The Fabric

Pineapple or piña (Spanish for Pineapple) is being used to make a plethora of textile-based products, from clothing and bags, to scarves and furniture upholstery. Areas such as Hawaii, Indonesia, India, and the West Indies are known to harvest piña, but it is the island nation of The Philippines, that has most refined the luxury tradition. Hispanic cultures, between 1521 and 1898, are said to the original piña masters. Now, The Philippines’ tropical climate, with humidity and hea ...

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