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Natural Dyeing

Natural dyeing has been serious business for thousands of years. The use of natural dyes provides a plethora of benefits to suppliers and consumers alike, and creates a depth of color that can not be replicated by synthetics.
Natural Dyeing

Natural dyeing has been serious business for thousands of years. Ancient manuscripts reveal that around 3,000 BC the people of China and India were using plant-based materials to dye their cloth. In 1500 AD, Spanish conquistadores found textile remains in the Americas that had been colored with red extract of the cochonilla. With the invention of the first synthetic dyes in 1856, natural coloring became less popular. In the 1990’s, several countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden b ...

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Alexandra writes for publications throughout Scotland, Germany and the USA. Her work takes a global perspective while focusing on travel, history and material inspiration.

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