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Inside Out: Talking Cutting Edge Custom Tailoring with Ian Fong

EDITORIAL TEAM, Le Souk Contributor
How did you get into the men's clothing business, specifically bespoke? Funnily enough, I studied Engineering in college and then spent 6 years in the coffee industry. After...
Material Inspiration

4 Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Commonly Used Textiles

EDITORIAL TEAM, Le Souk Contributor
As sustainability continues to be the focal topic of discussion in all things textiles, more and more options are becoming available to designers looking to start an eco-friendly l...
Our Favorite Things

How Sustainable is Your Company?

SJO, Le Souk Contributor
Sustainability is all the rage right now, but consumers want more than lip service from brands—they want to know that companies are making strides to have cleaner, safer, better su...
Virtual Sourcing Trips

How Aqpel is Using Technology to Revolutionize an Old Industry

EDITORIAL TEAM, Le Souk Contributor
"The Aqpel team comes from a large tradition in the leather and fur industry," explains Montse Serra, the company's Export Manager. "We took the opportunit...
Meet the Designer

Inside Out: Talking Interior Design with Amanda Hamilton

EDITORIAL TEAM, Le Souk Contributor
Did you always want to be an interior designer? How did you get started?While there were early markers that a career in Interior Design might be an option, it really wasn’t somethi...
Tex Style News

G-Star Starts A New Initiative to Fight Ocean Plastic

RIVET, Le Souk Contributor
G-Star is taking on plastic waste. After releasing the G-Star Raw for the Oceans collection in 2014, which uses recycled plastic in jeans, the collection is now undertaking a new p...

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