Advance Denim Elevates Sustainability with Viscose Fabric

Advance Denim, Yibin Grace, and Circulose have joined forces to introduce a cutting-edge denim collection featuring Gracell x Circulose viscose fabric.

In a significant stride towards promoting textile circularity within the denim industry, denim manufacturer Advance Denim, Chinese manufacturer Yibin Grace, and Circulose have joined hands to introduce a cutting-edge denim collection featuring Gracell x Circulose viscose, proudly boasting a 50% blend of Circulose pulp.

The Fusion of Viscose Fabric and Circular Fashion Principles

This collaborative effort has yielded two remarkable fabric styles, each thoughtfully designed to combine the best of sustainable materials. The first style, a 10.4 oz super-soft comfort stretch, seamlessly blends cotton, recycled cotton, Gracell x Circulose, Ecovero, and spandex. The second style, a 9.4 oz performance stretch fabric, artfully combines cotton, Gracell x Circulose, recycled cotton, T400, and Lycra.

At the heart of this innovation is Renewcell‘s Circulose, a proprietary dissolving pulp made entirely from 100% recycled textiles. It serves as the key ingredient for producing man-made cellulosic fibers (MMCF), which can be seamlessly incorporated with wood pulp during the fiber production phase. Meanwhile, Gracell, developed by Yibin Grace, stands out as a high-tenacity viscose fabric, contributing to the sustainability of the collection.

Previewing Advance Denim’s Eco-Fashion Collection

Enthusiasts of eco-conscious fashion can look forward to experiencing Advance Denim’s capsule collection at Kingpins Amsterdam. It is set to take place on October 18 and 19, 2023. The culmination of this project underscores the relentless commitment of Grace to commercialize viscose with a higher Circulose blend and Advance Denim’s unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of sustainable denim manufacturing.

The CEO of Renewcell emphasizes the importance of this partnership’s rapid progress. He highlights the dedication of both Advance Denim and Grace to sustainability. In addition, he points out the pressing need for immediate action in the realm of eco-friendly fashion.

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