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Tips of the Trade

4 Ways We Connect You With Premium Buyers

VANESSA ZDESAR, Le Souk Contributor
The textiles industry is a fickle, ever-changing environment. Every day, endless information is published online -- via various platforms -- about the latest fashion trends, upcomi...
Material Inspiration

Designer of the Week: Zarif Designs

ECO FASHION TALK, Le Souk Contributor
Zarif Designs is based in Kabul Afghanistan, where they employ and train 52 local Afghan men and women to practice handcrafted work. All fabrics for the collection are sourced from...
Virtual Sourcing Trips

Katsukura: Japanese Piece-Dyed Luxury Interiors

‘Katsu’ – a word pertaining to the shout used in Chán and Zen Buddhism and martial arts - precedes several words in the Japanese language. One is ‘Katsudon’, a Japanese deep-frie...
Our Favorite Things

Hinterveld's Ready-Made Mohair Goods Weave Comfort and Style

VANESSA ZDESAR, Le Souk Contributor
Hinterveld is a boutique weaving mill in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Since its inception several years ago, the company has grown to become a leader in the production of mo...
Tex Style News

Intermoda 2016 Promotes Fashion Trends and Business Development

VANESSA ZDESAR, Le Souk Contributor
Mexico is no stranger to the fashion industry. Though still developing, the country has a strong presence and continues to grow as a hub for industry professionals to learn a...
Our Favorite Things

Mills Respond to Mongolia’s Cashmere Crisis with Sustainable Yarn

Maiyet is a luxury brand making headlines this season. Helmed in New York, the manufacturing ethics of the fashion label don't dull its focus on luxury. Nor do they exclude the bra...

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