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CICB - Energizing the Brazilian Leather Industry

The Centre for the Brazilian Tannery Industry (CICB) is a national organization that strives to bring theBrazilian tanning industry closer to the culture of fashion and design...
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Narrative Made

ECO FASHION TALK, Le Souk Contributor
Narrative Made is a contemporary womenswear brand that partners with artisan communities in the developing world. The collection features beautifully crafted dresses and separates ...
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Inside Out: Talking Artisan Fashion with Hang Osment-Le

VANESSA ZDESAR, Le Souk Contributor
You have a lovely label, All The Wild Roses. What prompted you to start it?All The Wild Roses is a line of clothing handmade in Vietnam by local artisans. The vision for the brand ...
Tex Style News

Zara Adds Ungendered Clothing to its Collection

SOURCING JOURNAL, Le Souk Contributor
The trend toward gender neutral clothing continues to permeate retail, with some brands creating designated genderless zones in stores, others using female models to sell menswear,...
Virtual Sourcing Trips

Avanti Inc: Setting the Benchmark for Organic Cotton

OLA STEPNIK, Le Souk Contributor
In a time where “sustainability” has become a ubiquitous term that appears to sometimes lose its significance and true meaning, we present to you a company that has built its organ...
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Designer of the Week: Claire Wellesley-Smith

ECO FASHION TALK, Le Souk Contributor
Claire Wellesley-Smith is a textile artist, educator and writer based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Specializing in using local, natural color, created from homegrown and locally fo...

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