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What Makes Denim Premium Today?

NOV 24, 2015
RIVET, Le Souk Contributor
The definition of premium denim is shifting. While some still consider the category to exist in relation to label and price point, others express a belief that the category is shif...
Tex Style News

Stella McCartney Striding Toward Cradle to Cradle Certification

NOV 23, 2015
SOURCING JOURNAL, Le Souk Contributor
Stella McCartney set the bar high when it partnered with Cradle to Cradle’s Fashion Positive initiative in 2014, refusing to settle for anything less than the group’...
Material Inspiration

Designer of the Week: (re)vision Society

NOV 20, 2015
ECO FASHION TALK, Le Souk Contributor
(re)vision Society is a creative design studio developing projects that radically reinvent the notions of production and consumption. Not rooted in fashion alone the brands ethos i...
Tex Style News

Re:newcell is Ready to Scale its Fabric-Upcycling Process

NOV 19, 2015
SOURCING JOURNAL, Le Souk Contributor
Attention, apparel makers: Re:newcell wants your waste.Pre-consumer, 100-percent cotton waste, that is. The Swedish company, founded in 2012 by a group of researchers fro...
Virtual Sourcing Trips

Hinterveld: Premium South African Mohair Tweed

NOV 18, 2015
VANESSA ZDESAR, Le Souk Contributor
The history of mohair – the fleece of the Angora goat – dates back thousands of years to the cold Tibetan Himalayas, where the Angora goat originates. Mention is made of the use...
Our Favorite Things

Gap and Bombas Socks Partner to Raise Awareness for Homeless

NOV 17, 2015
VAMP, Le Souk Contributor
Gap and Bombas, an athletic sock brand with a philanthropic platform, is starting the holiday season on the right foot with an exclusive collection aimed at bringing awareness to t...
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