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Not All American-Made Apparel is Ethical

APR 26, 2016
SOURCING JOURNAL, Le Souk Contributor
There’s more to Made-in-the-U.S.A. than meets the eye—and not all of it as rosy-hued as advocates would like.Earlier this month, New York-based designer Nanette Lepore discussed ho...
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FA.PEL: A World Leader in Versatile Suede Production

APR 21, 2016
VANESSA ZDESAR, Le Souk Contributor
The strong connection between man and leather dates back to the origins of human existence, when animal skins were first recognized for their durability and resilien...
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Designer of the Week: Skunkfunk

APR 18, 2016
ECO FASHION TALK, Le Souk Contributor
The Skunkfunk womenswear brand are committed to sustainability. The brand's focus is respect for the environment and to the people that make their clothing. Emerging from Basque co...
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CORDURA® Brand x ESMOD - Reimagining the Future of Workwear

APR 13, 2016
OLA STEPNIK, Le Souk Contributor
The future of workwear is here, and it’s all about integrating the rules of fashion into protective work clothing. Textile and design students from ESMOD Paris combined their exper...
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Teijin Launches New Natural Leather Substitute

APR 11, 2016
SOURCING JOURNAL, Le Souk Contributor
Starting this spring Teijin Cordley, the man-made leather business that’s part of Japanese Teijin Group, will be selling its newly developed natural leather substitute.Dubbed Maest...
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Novalan Fabrics: A Century of Leading the Wool Industry

APR 07, 2016
Hailing from the beautiful country of Mexico, Novalan stands tall as the biggest wool producer in the entire American continent. It celebrates over 150 years of excellence in produ...
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